Boaty McBoatface: PR brilliance or disaster?

rrs-boaty-mcboatfaceA new multi-million pound research vessel could have a ridiculous new title after the public had been asked for its opinions for a new name via internet poll. The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) opened up suggestions to name the new ship and few could have predicted what the frontrunner would be.

Sailing well ahead of other suggestions, RRS Boaty McBoatface is outstripping the likes of Endeavour, Henry Worsley, David Attenborough, Falcon and many more offerings.Other submissions have included such suggestions as It’s bloody cold here, Usain Bolt, Ice Ice Baby and Notthetitanic.

Is it a headache for the NERC or a huge achievement? I look upon it with great joy. It is truly British and had the whole country laughing. I mean Boaty McBoatface, who would make that up?!

A nation in hecklers and fluent in sarcasm. It is a title that is so typical of Britain and one to embrace. James Hand, a communications manager who it was suggested by has came out to apologise recently for what some believe has spiralled out of control; there was talks recently of stopping the upheaval of the name to something more appropriate.

In my opinion it is PR brilliance. People in New York, Australia and all over the world now know of this story and has allowed the tale of Boaty McBoatface to be spread all over the world to heights it never would have dreamed of.

I say, let’s suck it all up and enjoy it! British people don’t do boring, we do silly and sarcastic. Long may Boaty McBoatface remain and float in all its glory.


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