The Avocado Burger- Is this a new craze?!

There has been a new food sensation on Instagram that has turned quite a few heads of late… The Avocado Bun Burger.

Yes, believe it or not this is actually a thing. The humble Avocado which has forever been a favourite for health foodies everywhere has truly outdone itself here.

FoodDecco a food photography account on Instagram recently posted pictures of the most incredible and beautifully crafted green Avocado burger buns with a number of luxurious fillings.

A twist on the average beef burger, the Avocado Bun Burger seeks to remove the traditional burger bun replaced with a sliced avocado in half, removing the stone and stuffing the middle with a range of gorgeous goodies.

Being low-carb and gluten-free, it is sure to capture the love and attention from Food Bloggers and Wellness Gurus everywhere as a tasty and modern twist on your everyday Big Mac.

Amongst all this The Avocado Bun as a staple is said to be versatile with its fillings. Here are some examples:   (Instagram: @FoodDecco)


The Breakfast Burger




The Cheese Burger




Massaman Curried Sweet Potato & Red Cabbage Burger



This is all too similar to a few months previously when the Sushi Burger was being mentioned. (Below)


Sushi Burger  (@Redeyegrillnyc)


Despite looking visually stunning with several filters and perfect photography, I am skeptical to say the least that a burger made from sticky rice can ever be a replacement to a burger bun, rather instead it is a separate idea altogether.

I don’t feel either alternatives will last, it’s just not practical. Can you imagine a world where half-time at a football match your friend walks down the steps back to your seat with two pints of lager and two sushi/avocado burgers? I didn’t think so.

Surely this is just healthy eating and clean eating going mad?! Maybe I’m wrong and soon we’ll be eating Radish flavoured chips. That’s the way it all seems to be going!



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