Professional Profile



Hello, welcome to my page! MKGB weekly, a new blog post every week based on a variety of topics of which I find pleasurable to write about. I am a 20 year-old second year PR & Communications student at Leeds Beckett University. Originally from Harlow, Essex, Leeds was a massive change from my Southern way of life. But I have learned to love it and now choose to embrace Leeds for all it is worth. For example, I have joined an amateur Rugby League team which has given me the opportunity to mix with different people who aren’t at university. I have also taken it upon myself to intern one day-a-week at Prohibition PR; a PR agency in Leeds giving me invaluable practical experience into the nuts and bolt of PR.

As far as my hobbies go, I love, football, fitness, food and socialising with people. I love to talk to people and gain a real insight into different views and opinions based on different topics. This is where I believe I found PR; I have always loved the opportunity to communicate with others. Throughout my life and the process of education and the workplace I feel I have gained a real interest in the subject, the building of beneficial relationships, the establishment of reputation and different methods of forever changing communications used in PR demonstrate what a vastly skilful profession PR represents and is testament to how I have complied such an interest as a whole.

I am young and fresh to PR, full of ideas and creativity. I look forward to excelling these upon the PR industry. I have been influenced in PR by various individuals and my love of communication and building relationships. I have built up a knowledge of PR and things make more sense now, I feel now I know more content in PR and can relate to particular issues more now and hope to influence people with my opinions.
PR is a magical concept as it gives you a platform to be effective and powerful in a business and personal aspect without using large amounts of money and resources, but rather ideas that think ‘outside the box’ and create a reaction in the public eye or the press and creating success for an organisation.

I believe PR was for me ever since I started working at Prohibition PR, the atmosphere around the office was something I have been longing for and now I know what I want to do, the next stage is getting there. I am in the position where it is vital I build a strong PR presence. I am a hardworking and committed individual and I feel that this is vital to possess in the industry that PR is today. MKGB weekly will give me the standpoint to voice my views and opinions with regards to PR and other areas. To have the chance to critique and analyse strategies used by organisations, emerging trends and looking at different areas of PR practice. I hope my blog simply becomes of interest to people and provokes thought and interaction amongst its audience.