Professional Portfolio

In my ‘Professional profile’ I explained that I had a spell of being a PR intern working for a Leeds-based PR agency called Prohibition PR. During this I have worked on a variety of clients and found it to be a very insightful and valuable experience. I engaged in lots of tasks during my tenure from writing blog posts, research tasks, social media promotion and writing trade features. I was part of a small number of people working within the office and my work involved contributed greatly to the agency and I really felt at times that I made a positive difference to the organisation. Working under Chris Norton and his team has gave me a very good understanding of the PR industry and what it truly entails. I feel I have really developed in this time and I am really appreciative of Prohibition PR for all they have done in helping me progress during this time.

The first piece for my professional portfolio was a blog piece for The Light. (A small shopping complex in Leeds) They had a competition running called ‘Keys to the Light’, this involved members of the public registering to The Light as a website and if lucky being chosen as the month’s winner to won a fabulous competition to win a whole host of prizes including the hire of a car, a free meal and a stay in a hotel one night. Before writing my blog post for The Light I felt it was important that it carried out some research into the individual who won the competition and his reaction to winning the competition.

My main objectives for this blog post were to:

  1. Write an engaging blog post aimed to be viewed by all of which read The Light’s website and inform them of the competition which is open to all over the age of 21 every month.
  2. Take the reaction of the competition winner given to me by the team and show how delighted the individual was to win such a good competition.

I also researched The Light’s previous blog posts to get a real understanding of the kind of writing style needed when undergoing this task, I noticed that the website had a particular writing style to which I needed to adapt to and I felt I did this well.

I felt the blog post I created was a good example of me showing my creative side to writing and gave me a real platform to show my skills. It was also a chance to demonstrate my positive personality by writing some feel-good content for a whole manor of people to read. I also understood it necessary to use unique content. In other words, “you don’t simply want to make the same point that everyone else is making. You need to have a unique angle, approach, or spin.”

The blog structure was relatively simple as I was told it had to be replicative of previous posts of other months regarding the competition. After outlining what I had to do I made a start on the introduction, I felt this was a good opportunity to “invite the readers into the post” by writing the rhetorical question: “Would you like to hold the keys to the light?” This I hoped would engage people to read on and go through the whole post

I felt it was crucial I did this successfully to primarily draw readers in and moreover maintain the good public image that The Light has in Leeds. I also understood it to be key to use particular language that appealed to the masses of the public and truly got the message across.

I believe I did truly meet my objectives during this task and I received very positive feedback from my Prohibition PR colleagues when this task had been completed.

The second piece for my professional portfolio was a Social media based task. This involved using The Light’s twitter account  This was a unique opportunity for me, as an avid lover of social media myself I felt extremely privileged to be in the position to post tweets for an account with a following of over 12,800 followers.

My task was task was to tweet a series of people regarding the Queen’s 90th birthday street party  hosted by The Light. It was preferred that I tweeted mummy bloggers’  and people or organisations that could ‘retweet’ the proposed the proposed tweet as a form of promotion and awareness that the event was taking place.

My objectives for this social media task were to:

  1. Write a list of engaging tweets  to people of interest. This includes mummy bloggers, newspapers, radio etc.
  2. Be informative through the tone of voice in less than 140 characters and try to directly get promotion for the event with the help of retweets and replies.

I initially started my research by reading through relevant social media content that The Light  had done previously. I felt it was important to maintain the image held online by them and making it accessible and understandable to all those that read.

I felt as though my tweets were directly promotional to the event and I received some very positive feedback from many people. This task I feel was largely successful and I can take credit for a number of people that attended the street party. It was a task I really enjoyed doing and I hope to work on similar duties in the future.

The third piece for my professional portfolio was a Trade Feature task, this involved writing a trade feature template for  Sealy UK  on the topic of an Annual bed Show event on the 17th/18th May 2016. The event is yet to happen yet but I was assigned the task of writing a trade feature as a template for when it did occur. This will then be submitted to Cabinet maker  on the 26th May and be published in their magazine.

I had never written a trade feature before and was excited upon the opportunity to do so. It was crucial that I did some research into the event and the structure of a trade feature before undergoing the task.

My objectives for this task were to:

  1. Read the press release on the Sealy show at Brooklands and construct a trade feature template to be used after the event has taken place.
  2. Produce some engaging and direct content in alignment with the piece written last year for the same event. Make reference to the new products on display as well as highlighting the favourites.

Before making a start on the trade feature I felt it was important to make note of all the content I needed to include from the press release. I then sought to do so and implement the event details as well as a direct quote from the Sales and Managing Director Neil Robinson on how successful the event had been and what products sold the most etc. I understood also that “Some subjects have a peculiar appeal to persons engaged in a particular occupation or devoted to a particular avocation or amusement.”  In this circumstance it was the furniture industry and a number of people associated with or attending this event were working in the profession or had a notable interest and appeal to beds and mattresses.

I have below a screenshot of a conformation email sent from Sarah Hinchliffe from Prohibition PR regarding the trade feature task.